Sharepening the Axe

Matt rhodes studddies

some nudes

Matt rhodes stoooodies
Matt rhodes 2min poses small

mostly 2 minute drawings, with a few 5 minute ones throughout.

Matt rhodes skelebones small

photo tracing. first the skeletons, then the muscles. helped a ton with anchor points, and getting a better feel for the two systems.

Matt rhodes muskuls sml
Matt rhodes studies 2017 09 06 small
Matt rhodes costumestudies small
Matt rhodes studiesbluble
Matt rhodes sketchbookstudies july2017
Matt rhodes studies july2017 small
Matt rhodes studies thatsprettygood
Matt rhodes workityworkwork

Some figures, and still trying not to get bogged down by same-face syndrome.

Matt rhodes studies
Matt rhodes drurrins
Matt rhodes figyurs
Matt rhodes septemberstudies

Portraits, figures, some cosplayers

Matt rhodes render studies

Practicing some rendering

Matt rhodes museumdrawings01 polarbearandwolfskulls small

Museum drawings

Matt rhodes horselifedrawing2016 small

Our technical animator Aaron Dibbs has horses, and he let us come draw them.

Matt rhodes figuresaug2016 small

Some lunch-hour life drawings done at work, and some other bioware life drawers that agreed to pose for portraits. Shane, Jeff, Ramil and Teri.

Matt rhodes figuresjuly2016

Some lunch-hour life drawings done at work

Matt rhodes postmontrealdrawings small

I was fortunate enough to attend the Syn Studios "Gathering of Masters" in Montreal. Five days of talks, workshops, and hanging out with like-minded artists from all kinds of backgrounds. It was hugely inspiring to listen to James Gurney, Terryl Whitlach,

Matt rhodes study 009
Matt rhodes study 007
Matt rhodes study 006
Matt rhodes study 004
Matt rhodes study 003
Matt rhodes study 002
Matt rhodes study 001
Matt rhodes practice 02 09 2016 small
Matt rhodes back to life drawing by mattrhodesart d87uvy4
Matt rhodes draws august20 2015
Matt rhodes referencework 08 13 2015 by mattrhodesart d95n8cl
Matt rhodes practice 01 july2015 by mattrhodesart d91e6sb
Matt rhodes practice 02 july2015 by mattrhodesart d91e6vd
Matt rhodes practice may 2014 by mattrhodesart d7k7uq0

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” - Abraham Lincoln